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Glass eclipse

The desire to protect the car interior from the harmful effects of ultraviolet sunlight, as well as to protect themselves from the surrounding reality, encourages drivers to tint the glass of his car.

That seems to be the time to talk about tinting car windows. The desire to protect the car interior from the harmful effects of ultraviolet sunlight, as well as to protect themselves from the surrounding reality, encourages drivers to tint the glass of his car. Two ways are possible here: the car market and various service stations.

Market conditions
Let’s look first at the market – in order to evaluate the good, you must first try the bad. The market can buy the necessary film, but its low price is alarming. In addition, the choice here is too small, literally two or three little-known brands. At the same time, it is quite difficult to choose the desired color of the film, since the package usually says something like “Super Dark” or just “Black”. Translated from English, these phrases mean virtually the same thing. Secondly, when choosing a film, such an indicator as “light transmission” is also important. Theoretically, tint films can pass from 5% to 70% of light. However, to find such an indicator on the packaging of products purchased on the market, in most cases will not succeed. Of course, we can say that law enforcement agencies will not be able to apply any sanctions against a person whose car is somewhat similar to a tank. That is why a person goes to the market and quietly buys his “Super Black” on all glasses with an indicator of “light transmission” of 5%. That is why we each time obscenely express ourselves, when due to the tinted car ahead we don’t see anything. And yet this does not mean at all that there is no GOST for a possible degree of darkening of automotive glass in Russia. There is a rule that allows you to tint the windshield so that it passes up to 75% of the light, and the side front windows – 70%. For rear windows there are no limitations.

Technical Reference
Amendment No. 3 to Clause 2.2.4 of GOST 5727-88.
“2.2.4. The light transmission of glass, providing visibility to the driver, must be at least:
75% for windshields;
70% – for glasses that are not wind, included in the standard field of view P, which determines the front visibility.
Light transmission of other non-windshield glass is not standardized. Glass with a light transmission of less than 70% is additionally labeled with a V.
Windshields, painted in the mass and tinted, should not distort the correct perception of white, yellow, red, green and blue colors ”
After choosing a vending film, you need to properly and skillfully stick it. To do this, there is a sharp knife and scraper to smooth the film. The instructions on the box are quite informative, but there is not a word in it about the fact that after the preparatory work the film needs to be warmed up so that it takes the round shape of the glass itself. For the so-called “molding” requires a powerful hair dryer, which can easily warp the film in case of overheating. The probability of spoiling the “market” product is great, because the film is too thin. But it is cheap – you can always buy.

Speaking of such a low-quality product purchased on the market, we mean a non-professional film, for which no one gives a guarantee. In this case, the service life of the film can be a year, after which it will begin to peel off and spoil the look of the car. But when the car owner decides that it is time to “peretonirovat” glass, he will have to pretty much tinker to achieve the goal. The fact is that low-quality cheap film is removed in pieces. If the branded product is removed entirely within a few minutes, then in the case of the market one will have to stock up on time and a special tool. Although there is another option – to drive away the car for service, where they will produce the so-called “razononirovka” and darken the glass in a new way, at a professional level.

Service approach
After the film has been removed, the remaining adhesive must be removed from the glass surface. To do this, there are special fluids that are successfully used in services, as well as special blades, which are virtually impossible to damage the treated surface. By the way, all these tools are on the open market. Although even with their presence, there may be problems with rear heated glass, since thin filaments of “glowing” require quite gentle handling.

So, while the specialists are preparing the glass for tinting, the client has time to think and choose the type of film that will be most acceptable. Fortunately, branded centers are able to offer a large selection of quality products. Relatively speaking, there are several types of films: painted, metallized and non-metallized (painted and non-metallized are essentially the same). Metallized products are more resistant to fading and have a warranty for the entire lifetime. The colored film may fade for several years.

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