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Putin’s “Beast”, or the Kremlin on wheels. What is written about Aurus in the West?

At the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March, the first major premiere of Russian cars for many years was held. This, of course, about the executive sedan Aurus Senat S600 and armored limousine Aurus Senat L700. World media could not ignore such an event. We bring to your attention translations of the most interesting foreign articles on Aurus Senat.
The Aurus stand in Geneva was quite impressive, although only two cars were presented on it, and access to one of them was denied to journalists. How did Aurus Senat see foreign journalists? In short, the authors notice the luxury in the interior trim of the car, the ambiguous build quality, the V8 engine developed by Porsche Engineering, and the courage of the Russian automakers who have tried to enter the premium market segment. And, of course, journalists do not overlook the design of Aurus Senat, reminiscent of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

The Kremlin on wheels: a limousine for Putin and his oligarchs in Geneva
Usually at the Geneva Salon – on the territory of a neutral state that does not have its own auto plants – manufacturers present their new products and share plans for the future. But this year, Geneva witnessed a show of force. Aurus is a Russian automotive brand, state-owned, arrived here with Putin’s limousine.

The new brand, specializing in super-expensive cars, will first fill the garages of Putin and the state figures, and then he will be engaged in “simple” oligarchs and millionaires. Therefore, even the stand at the exhibition looks so pretentious as Aurus wants to be.

For the ruler of huge Russia (Vladimir’s Putin’s original ’’ russia – translator’s comment), the Mercedes weren’t enough Russians, so he ordered a state limousine to be built. At the institute NAMI, the legendary bureau for the development and design of automobiles, invited Porsche and other famous suppliers and developers in the field of the automotive industry. So the Aurus brand appeared.

Putin’s limo is called Senat and is one of the most visited exhibits at the Geneva Motor Show. The Rolls-Royce booth at the other end of the Palexpo Geneva exhibition center is much more modest and more modest.

Aurus just has everything big, majestic, Russian. When you enter the white podium, you want to take off your shoes and ask if you can go further.

On the stand, wide as Russia itself, only two exhibits and one chassis are presented. It should clearly demonstrate how solid the Aurus has: four giant 20-inch wheels set in motion by a hybrid powerplant with a 4.4-liter petrol V8 at the base. Total power 600 hp The 9-step “automatic” transfers to the wheels, resembling a gearbox in trucks by its size.

Senat has a magnificent, though not unique design. From some angles, it looks slightly disproportionate. The lines in the back probably remind Bentley. In the mighty front one will see Rolls-Royce, others – Chrysler. However, the fact remains that the live body looks much more original than it seems in the photographs.

Salon leaves a pleasant impression, even if not assembled perfectly. So far, Aurus is assembled by hand at the NAMI Institute in Moscow, the manufacturer is still building its plant. Piece production of cars will last until 2020, until a new venture opens in Tatarstan. By the way, it will be part of the Sollers concern, which owns the UAZ automobile brand and the ZMZ engine manufacturing plant, and also produces Ford and SsangYong cars under license for the Russian market. The target production volume is 5,000 cars per year, which, in addition to the two limousines in Geneva, will also include SUVs and MPVs.

Luxury and all that comes with it

The first impression of the interior: the creators sought to the highest level of luxury. The floor is covered with sheep wool carpets, everything is covered with leather – from door inserts to the front panel and the ceiling. A panel of wood, you will find wherever it only makes sense. Most of the keys received a metal coating, completely plastic parts – at least, and they are skillfully hidden between the skin and the tree.

Landing high. Still, the Aurus has a raised chassis with a ground clearance of 200 mm. Perhaps this is done so that somewhere in Russia there is no oversight, similar to what happened with Barack Obama eight years ago. Therefore, visibility from the driver’s seat is like an SUV, although the comfort and convenience of the seats are at a very high level. But the most important is located behind. You will find a complete set of electric seat adjustments in other luxury sedans, and Aurus has many more additional “chips”. As in this presidential limousine, electric curtains are installed on the windows, and these are not some translucent curtains as on more plebeian cars.

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