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Updated Nissan Qashqai. For what two million?

Russian dealers began to appear updated Nissan Qashqai, and we have already tested copies of the first batch of the St. Petersburg assembly. In our market, this model traditionally fights with all the best-selling C-class crossovers (only Sportage and Tiguan are noticeable ahead, and last year Tucson only slightly surpassed Qashqai). Did you need to upgrade the Nissan model and what did it give?
Around this novelty there were two intrigues. The first is whether the Russian technical center Nissan did a good job creating the version for our country (the European one is noticeably different). The second is whether the model was able to make a half-step towards the “premium”. Nobody promised us that, but prices have almost reached two million rubles in the “top”. And this amount must be consistent.

Perhaps this is not a half-step, but a quarter, but the direction is towards a decent level of comfort, towards a more pleasant cabin, towards “tricked” equipment.

The V-shaped grille deeper wedged into the bumper, more broken lines appeared. Compared to the dorestayling version, the style has become a bit more interesting. Everything is very similar to X-Trail. These models are easily confused.
Not so long ago, the elder Nissan X-Trail changed: the adaptation carried out for Russia was not an empty sound. Details – in our material “Updated X-Trail: the most Russified of the Nissans.” When we visited the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg in February, the restyled Qashqai could only be viewed from the outside, and we wondered if the younger model had received similar improvements or was it necessary to remain in the shade of the model in the class above. Now all cards are revealed.

Since the start of production in 2015, 70 thousand Qashqai have been released in Russia
To understand the vector, which should Qashqai now, you need to look back 12 years ago. When the first generation Qashqai (in 2007) entered the market, they did not expect much from compact crossovers. According to the materials of the passenger compartment, in terms of equipment, noise insulation, such cars were much inferior to the closest sedans and hatchbacks. This applied to Qashqai and many others. And it was a shame.

Now the niche of the modest compact crossovers is occupied by other models – like Kreta and Kaptur, and the Qashqai has practically moved to a higher class. The current restyling should emphasize this: the model is no longer from simple ones.

Inside, not only the new steering wheel, sloping from the bottom and opening a good overview of the instruments at the top. On the front panel in front of the passenger – a wide leather insert, ennobled style. It is already in the “base” (by the way, it is stated that it does not scratch). Around the vents of ventilation – black edging. In the West, it is silver. Our option looks “more expensive”
Equipment now – as in adults. Already in the “base” there is a heated windscreen, for an extra charge, there is a heated steering wheel and a back sofa, and in the “top” of which there is nothing. The electronics kit looks decent: automatic emergency braking (FEB), reversing obstacle detection system (RCTA), “intelligent” headlights …

The back row got heated, but it is controlled by the button in front, which is inconvenient. USB connectors for rear passengers are not in any configuration, but they (two connectors) can be embedded at the dealer for an extra charge. At the passenger seat appeared height adjustment and lumbar support. All windows – with Auto mode (already in the “base”! And the older X-Trail is not in any configuration)
Well, we will test. Did all this bring Qashqai to Tesla?

No, the moment has not yet come when all the bells and whistles work on the mass models as impressively as on the most advanced developments. For example, the Nissan “autobrake” is involved only in the range from 40 to 80 km / h, and the radar responds only to large metal objects. Cyclist, pedestrian or concrete wall are invisible to him. And in general, we could not assess the effect of the automatic braking system in reality: it goes into action only in truly emergency situations and does not allow false alarms, for example, during rebuilding.

The control system of the strip appropriately squeaks when hitting the markup (and it even sees badly worn strips), but in addition to giving a sound signal, it does not take any other action. But the new Corolla has automatic steering! Although the price is the same.

Praise those very “intelligent” headlights. At night, you can always drive with the “distant”: as soon as the counter or passing car is shown ahead, the electronics switches to the dipped beam as quickly as the driver himself would have done. Then the inclusion of “far” occurs with some delay (the electronics first wants to make sure that there are really no more machines), but this is not annoying. You should not expect that the light beam will actively “cut out” other cars from the illuminated zone – this is currently available only on expensive cars. But at Kashkai headlights can rotate the light beam 15 degrees left-right in the corners.

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