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Why buy an English crossover, not a Japanese SUV? Testing the new Evoque

Russian dealers in June will receive the Range Rover Evoque new generation. At one time, this first generation model caused a lot of rustling in the class of crossovers. The hit of sales cannot be called, but it set the direction followed by many other brands. Following the British, everyone rushed to make small “designer“ SUVs ”. Even Toyota now has a C-HR. So, it is time for the British to surprise the public again with something. Otherwise, why are they asking for a “parketnik” in a good configuration the amount that would be enough for the Prado?
There are people who fear more than anything that the car will break. But indeed, all of us, whose automobile experience began with “Zhiguli”, in our youth got the psychological trauma with which they are doomed to live. Probably, this is the main reason why models are so popular with us, which are characterized by Japanese reliability, and not the legendary English.

But among us there are those who want to dispel boredom. And to spend extra money (well, suddenly they started) just for fun.

I want a “three door”! No, I want an off-road convertible! And to salon – like a sports coupe. And the design is like a concept car. But throughput is better than all “SUVs”. And so that the dynamics are not pensioners.

It was for such fans of the original that the 2011 Evoque was created.

There is no longer any. The crossover-convertible and “three-door” will now only be in the secondary market. Pechalka ((
And what about the 2019 model? It was decided to abandon the “three-door” and convertible – hopes for market success were not justified. “And there was nothing to show off,” detractors will say.

Well, most importantly, the same design is still with us. The roof is even more littered back, the front struts leaned even more. For the rest, however, there are no fresh ideas. Novelty will be confused with the first generation. However, for Ewok, this is not really a minus. All other crossovers (even the platform-based Jaguar E-Pace) have similar proportions. In the twilight, such a car confused with any other. Evoque – hardly. For this we appreciate him.

You can unmistakably identify the new product by sliding door handles, like Velar. Also with the change of generations are available 21-inch wheels
It may seem that the British just saved and issued under the guise of a new generation just restyling. Even the length has not changed a millimeter. Hackers? No, such a reproach would be unfair. The car moved to a new platform, with the previous generation there are no common parts, except that the door hinges. It is curious that a similar story happened last year with Gelendvagen. The golden rule: do not fix what is not broken))

The main thing in the PTA (Premium Transverse Architecture) platform is this: the crossover is no longer the successor to the Ford of the “zero” years. For example, before the rear multi-link was like a Focus, and now the model got its own suspension with three main and one intermediate levers. Technically, the novelty is very close to the Jaguar E-Pace and has much in common with older models – Velar and XE.

Even in machines of a higher class, you will not often encounter such high-tech. Inclined screen “multimedia”. Touch controls – on the center console and steering wheel
Ewok was originally created as a car-gadget, but in modern times, when everyone has a smartphone in his pocket, it is difficult to surprise the public with something. The novelty has a couple of features that are guaranteed to attract the attention of passengers. The first is, of course, a rear-view video mirror. These tricks are usually distrustful. Will the picture give the correct picture of the position of the cars behind? Will there be delays? Will the image be clearly visible in different light conditions? Yes. Not. Yes. The lever under the mirror allows you to turn off the display and turn it into a regular mirror, but you hardly want to do so. You will not reproach the picture: the screen has a resolution of 1600 x 320 pixels, which is already very good on such a small area. But the main thing is that it gives a clear image in any situation, and in the twilight it works much better than a regular mirror. When you enter the tunnel, in the familiar mirror you can see only the headlights of other cars and poorly visible silhouettes. And on the display – everything is bright and clear. When leaving the tunnel, the camera for a few moments is slightly blind, but quickly adapts to bright light. It is unlikely that in an ordinary mirror at such a moment you will see at least something. The camera is installed in the “fin” on the roof, so that it gets dirty less than others. There are five cameras in the car. And here not only the circular view system, but also the “transparent hood”: a picture with painted front wheels and real space next to them is displayed in the center console. The front camera removes the road and gives an image with a certain delay, so that the driver, for example, could drive around on the forest road with delicate precision without damaging the elegant bumper.

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