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Looking for the perfect crossover: Forester, X-Trail, Tucson

What is better – “purely Japanese” by origin of the fifth generation Subaru Forester on a completely new modular platform SGP or thoroughly adapted for Russia during the recent restyling of Nissan X-Trail, produced in St. Petersburg? Or maybe the Kaliningrad Hyundai Tucson updated last year?
New Forester, speak? And in appearance you can not say. Silhouette and dimensions almost do not differ from the car of the previous generation – in length and width it grew only a couple of centimeters. The fifth generation definitely gives out only sly-shaped lights and a stereo camera of the EyeSight safety complex, two “eyes” of which are located on the sides of the rearview mirror. However, you will receive this complex only if you buy a 2.0-liter “Forik” in the top configuration Elegance ES, like ours. But this will cost 2,400,000 rubles!

The 2.0-liter versions with “automata” or variators are the most popular for all these crossovers in our market. Prices for the Hyundai Tucson with this combination will start from 1,589,000 rubles, on the Nissan X-Trail – from 1,651,000 rubles. The Subaru Forester already has a variator and four-wheel drive in the database (prices start at 2,029,000 rubles), and competitors can save money on it: the all-wheel drive X-Trail and Tucson are also sold on the mechanics, and the latter can be front-wheel drive
Versions with the maximum equipment Nissan X-Trail (LE Top) and Hyundai Tucson (High-Tech) will cost much less than the Forester – 1,991,000 and 1,959,000 rubles, respectively. Such a difference is 400 000 rubles! In this case, the panoramic roof, like rivals, Subaru does not exist at all (only the hatch in the top version with a 2.5 liter engine). There is no ventilation of seats (which Tucson has), and for some reason it is possible to regulate the rear backs only in 2.5-liter versions.

But for the rest, Forester has advantages at least because it is fresh. Tussal has been produced since 2015, and the X-Trail of the current generation has been doing since 2013, while the Forester is a real novelty of the season, as well as Japanese production.

To distinguish the new Forester from the car of the previous generation is not easy even with 30 steps. But the expert will notice the faceted lights of the original form and the more embossed sidewalls of the body. Huge windows are striking: Forester has just great visibility!

The new Subaru modular platform is primarily interesting because the suspension characteristics have completely changed: other subframes, levers, other pillars tilt angles, rear anti-roll bar, mounted directly on the body … Looking ahead, we can say that even after such a global change, Forester’s character has not changed dramatically. For real fans of the Japanese brand, other information is more important: all engines are now direct-injection, and there are no more turbo engines, as well as “mechanics” – only the Lineartronic variator.

Externally, Nissan has changed slightly, but the new bumpers, headlights and grille will help the X-Trail not to look outdated for a couple of years

The Russian version of the updated Nissan X-Trail was prepared for a long time – a crossover appeared in America and Japan two years ago. All this time, our engineers from the technical center near St. Petersburg conjured over the most to adapt the “X” to our conditions. Thoroughly worked on sound insulation, installed a steel engine protection and a more powerful generator, changed the torque converter and reprogrammed the software of the variator, recalibrated the electric power steering, made the anti-roll bars thicker, but softened the springs and shock absorbers. As you can see, the work carried out serious. In addition, after the upgrade, X-Trail has received new colors, additional equipment (for example, heated back sofa and adaptive diode headlights), retouched appearance and ennobled saloon with a steering wheel, trimmed along the chord.

Hyundai and in the sample version of 2015 looked very good: the rapid silhouette, sharp edges, high window-sill line … After the update, Tucson became even more refined

Updating the Hyundai Tucson is not as big as the generational change of the Forester or such a thorough restyling of the X-Trail. Externally, the changes were limited to a new grille, expressive headlights and lanterns with a different “content”. Slightly more change occurred in the cabin. Most importantly, the multimedia display has become more than one inch (8 ”) and is now“ growing ”in the form of a“ tablet ”at the top of the front panel. There are other front seats, a slot for wireless charging, as well as a USB port for rear passengers.

No wonder Forester buy almost only men. The interior is made thoroughly, like a man, a little rough. However, the quality of materials is the best. The multimedia system has finally become normal to use.

Landing at Subaru is the highest, and the chairs are the most comfortable. The display in the center of the dashboard is overloaded with graphics and information. The off-road X-Mode off-wheel washer, seat heating keys, camera and electronic parking brake switches are located on the central tunnel.

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Looking for the perfect crossover: Forester, X-Trail, Tucson
What is better - “purely Japanese” by origin of the fifth generation Subaru Forester on a completely new modular platform SGP or thoroughly adapted for Russia during the recent restyling…