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Top cars on the speed of decay

All cars are rusting (except Delorian – it is stainless steel), but some are especially fast. We will not once again be apologetic about some products of the domestic auto industry: their customers knew what they were going for. And let’s not dig too deep, remembering the models that ended their conveyor life in the last century. We chose the ten most rotting cars of our time.
In compiling the rating of “seriously ill”, we interviewed body builders from ten multi-brand service stations, through which hundreds of cars pass a total monthly. At different stations, opinions about the most rotting cars differ, but at least ten models were called to us in all services. We also interviewed dealers and Trade-in specialists and found out their opinion on this matter. In our material, we summarized the experience of body builders, professionals in the resale of cars, as well as feedback from the owners.

Of course, the features of operation, the presence of an accident, the quality of subsequent repairs and the attitude to the car of a particular owner play an almost crucial role in how the body is preserved. Nevertheless, there are a number of models that were initially poorly prepared for a meeting with the aggressive external environment of Russian roads.

About the placement, of course, you can argue. We tried to bring to the top of the list especially sad examples.

1. Daewoo Nexia (1996–2016)

Opel Kadett E, the continuer of the case, is a long-living woman on a conveyor belt who has been in production until 2016. A couple of restyling did not affect the main disadvantage of the sedan from Uzbekistan – its body, devoid of galvanization, is corroding with terrifying speed. A thin layer of paintwork only exacerbates the problem. Chips on the hood and wings begin to turn red in a few months. After a few years, there are through holes in the rear arches and the lower part of the doors, the thresholds fall off. The rotten muffler is usually replaced by a new one by now.

Anatoly, an employee of the multibrand STO: “Nexia was originally a poor-quality anticorrosive, so when buying a used car, the body should be watched very carefully. Rusty stains on the gutters, under the seals of glass and at the joints of body parts – a common thing. The best option to buy is a car that is painted metallic and with additionally installed fenders and “mud flaps”. But even in this case, it’s not worth neglecting the additional anti-corrosion treatment. ”

2. Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203 (2000–2005)

W220 was very much asking for this place, in order to take the rap for all the rusting Mercedes of the late nineties – the beginning of zero, as the flagship. But the W203 is a more telling example. It has a well-painted body with a thick and elastic layer of paintwork, but the metal is not galvanized, but only covered with a good layer of soil. Corrosion, as a result of damage, even if not immediately, but will definitely show itself. If time does not localize the problem, then you can get an extensive rust center. But even trouble-free “tseshki” can have rotten arches, doors and missing thresholds. Body repair on mersedesovskoy tradition – not cheap.

By all measures, the W203 is a real Benz, albeit a small one. Comfortable even on a dead suspension and well-controlled car. Nevertheless, Trade-in market professionals prefer not to get involved with it. The reason is simple – “tseshki” often rolled to a half-dead state, and most of all the reputation of the W203 spoiled the rotting body.

3. Mazda 6 GG (2002–2008)

Japanese cars took half the seats in our antirating. The desire to save on the quality of steel and paint has not passed without a trace. The model, which in essence created the Japanese brand anew, laid the foundations of the ideology of Zoom-Zoom and the current unceasing popularity of Mazda, will rust without embarrassment. Cars with sieves instead of wings and sills, arches crawling from the inside, corroded ulcers with doors and hood are found very often. The seams of the side members and the mud flaps of the engine compartment are rotting, corroding the bottom where the VIN-number of the body is so out of place in the passenger seat area. Lack of internal galvanization – only half the problem. The minimum amount of sealant on the seams, insufficient ventilation of cavities, a lot of places where dirt begins to accumulate, plus the traditionally thin metal and paintwork make their own black, that is, reddish thing.

Dmitry, an employee of a car-care center specializing in paint-body repair: “The owner of the Mazda6 asked us to repair the right door and the threshold after an accident. The preliminary cost of the client’s work was arranged and the car stayed with us. When working with the threshold, it turned out that the corrosion on it is so extensive that it makes no sense to leave it. Contacting the client, we explained the situation and suggested replacing it with a new one. The owner agreed. ”

4. KIA Sorento (2002–2009)

Frame Korean SUV, created primarily for the US market, the car went successful, but not without flaws. The metal of the body, especially under the plastic linings, which Sorento has a lot of, is poorly protected from dirt clogging up all the gaps.

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