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Newest Toyota Crown. One model and three power units for a test drive

The crown is known for its dedicated owners, who change their car only to another Crown. And the changes in the last update of the model are really the most significant in its entire history, which is why quite a few of those who are concerned, what, in fact, have changed there?

Significant changes in the interior and exterior
What the style of the new Crown will be, it became clear in the fall of 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show, but when you finally see the real car, you get a lot of thoughts and impressions. I do not know, as with other models, but in the case of the Crown, the introduction of “six-eyed” headlights is a bold decision.

I can testify to you that it turned out really stylish. For the sake of transition to a sporty design with smooth lines, the developers say, it was decided to abandon the traditional wide Crown rear roof rack; and in order to make “the best one car”, they decided not to spray on its multiple varieties and stop at only one version. However, personally, I honestly believe that if she fits with such an active character as RS, then calmer models are unlikely to look appropriate. And I foresee the rejection reaction of the orthodox kraunovodov.

Toyota Crown with a radically updated platform based on TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). Body dimensions – 4910–1800–1455 mm (length – width – height), center distance 2920 mm. Careful road finishing of the car was carried out on the Nürburgring – Nordschleife. And also a lot of effort has been invested in “Connected” (connected car – translator): DCM (Data Communication Module) will be installed on all cars as a standard option.

On the other hand, I want to express my admiration for a great idea – this is the design of the front mask, as if uniting the old Royal and Athlete. Simultaneously with the atmosphere of novelty, we managed to skillfully convey the taste of the good old Crown. The form of “lightning” in the predecessor seemed to me too much, and, they say, it was a common opinion. So now there will not be disgruntled, and there is a holistic style.

The interior has also undergone a complete reform, acquired a clean and noble appearance. In addition, I like how skillful use of carbon and suede “buckskin” creates the most appropriate, original for each of the complete sets type of interior. An interesting solution for a drink holder is that much attention is paid even to the movement of its lid. When you sit in a chair, an excellent overview opens up in all directions, and you immediately become imbued with a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Surely not the last role in this plays the front end with headlights “Six Light” of six segments.

ABOUT! Attention is drawn to the central dual display. For the first time, information on a distant display was so easily perceived at a glance. The front display, and it’s very cool, takes over the functions of the touch panel. It is often the case with German marks, for example, that remote control is extremely inconvenient to use (especially in the case of right-hand drive models), so it’s great that Crowne (whose standard age is above average owners) has made these actions intuitive.

The backs of the rear seats are made reclining; there is a reserve of space in the knees, and above the head, and in width. Ease of use is thought out as much as possible – this applies to the entire cabin and even the trunk.

Crown interior. In the photo, the RS Advance has seat upholstery in natural brown noob leather, faux leather. To make it easier at a glance to perceive information – the navigator is displayed on a distant eight-inch screen; and for the convenience of controlling the air conditioner, driving modes, etc., these functions are placed on the second screen closest to us. Both screens work in conjunction

What is the difference between two hybrids?

A25A-FXS inline four-cylinder engine of 2.5 liters with a maximum power of 135 kW (184 hp) / 6000 rpm develops a maximum torque of 221 Nm (22.5 kgf · m) / 3800–5400 rpm and works in tandem with an electric motor 1KM with a maximum power of 105 kW (143 hp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm (30.6 kgf · m). Hybrid Model G (5,621,400 Japanese yen). Brilliant-cut alloy wheels, painted in metallic gray, shod with 215/55 R17 tires. The car body in the photo is a new color “Precious Galena”

V-shaped six-cylinder engine DOHC 8GR-FXS 3.5-liter with a maximum power of 220 kW (299 hp.) / 6600 r / min develops a maximum torque of 356 Nm (36.3 kgf · m) / 5100 r / min and works in tandem with an electric motor 2NM with a maximum power of 132 kW (180 hp) and a maximum torque of 300 Nm (30.6 kgf · m). Hybrid model G Exective (7 187 400 jap. Yen). The G-Executive model has special sound-suppressing wheels (“Black sputtering” paint) in tires 225/45 R18. The color of the machine in the photo “Precious Silver”

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Newest Toyota Crown. One model and three power units for a test drive
The crown is known for its dedicated owners, who change their car only to another Crown. And the changes in the last update of the model are really the most…