Self-made cars in the USSR: how and why did they appear so much?
Soviet Union and the socialist countries, people built their own cars. Surprisingly, not only mechanics and engineers, but even musicians and cosmonauts, doctors and teachers were able to do it.…

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Lexus RX 330: comfortable world
What best proves the success of the model Lexus RX 300, as early as 1998, which led the "road of life" light "luxury" SUVs? Five years of release without major…

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Top cars on the speed of decay
All cars are rusting (except Delorian - it is stainless steel), but some are especially fast. We will not once again be apologetic about some products of the domestic auto…

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Alpine ballads

Charged “Porsche” is difficult to surprise someone, but nevertheless in Geneva with a success debuted Porsche Carrera GT, a supercar without quotes. 10-cylinder boxer engine of 5.7 liters, 612 hp, less than four seconds of acceleration to 100 km / h. Plus, all the family pleasures of the famous brand, including appearance.


The influence of the Scenic monocab is hard to underestimate the automotive world, but it is even easier to count its direct followers – Citroen Xsara Picasso, Nissan Almera Tino, Opel Zafira and others. Therefore, the launch of the Scenic II was one of the first sensations at the auto show – in this car, the designers managed to combine the details of the Megane II hatchback and the famous monocab Espace, allowing the new product to immediately overtake the more “correct” VW Touran and Ford C-Max. Scenic II has become longer and wider, the base has also increased, but both overhangs of the machine have decreased. The car’s interior is a tribute to Espace’s revolutionary transformations. This can be seen both in the central layout of the instruments, in the “joystick” of the gearbox, and in the degree of cabin transformability. The new car was given a line of three petrol and three diesel units, five-and six-speed gearbox, as well as Proactive automatic. His premiere Scenic II overshadowed even the Megane II Coupe-Cabriolet, which also debuted in Geneva. The latter, however, is also worthy of attention – in just 20 seconds, this four-seater coupe, being built in the Karmann atelier, can turn into an elegant convertible, and the folding roof will not be tented, but transparent plastic.


The Swedish manufacturer presented at the showroom a new convertible based on the 9-3 sedan – one of the most successful models of the brand, by the way. According to statistics, four out of ten premium cabrios sold are “Saabs”. The new car has many advantages: a roof rising in 20 seconds; a triple increase in body stiffness, thruster rear suspension, borrowed from the 9-3 Sport Sedan; and a new, lighter aluminum engine, allowing you to have in stock 175 or 210 hp


Hot Spaniards presented in Switzerland a charged version of the Ibiza subcompact called Ibiza Сupra R. As usual, the main thing in the new product is not outside, but under the hood, where the TDI diesel engine with a volume of 1.9 liters and 150 hp has now settled. Besides him there is still possible to find a gasoline unit – its role is performed by a 1.8-liter turbo engine.


This year, the Czechs are undertaking a serious offensive on the front of high-speed cars – at the Geneva Motor Show, the covers were pulled off at once from two fast Fabiyas, a road RS and a rally WRC. While the first, equipped with a 1.9-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 130 hp and a six-speed gearbox, will go on sale this summer, the second will appear exclusively at the stages of the World Rally Championship. And, apparently, its future is not as hopeless as its predecessor Octavia WRC. With significantly smaller dimensions and weight, a 300-horsepower two-liter engine with a 34-mm restriction washer on the inlet should help Didier Oriol and Tony Gardemeister rise from the lows of the standings.


Following the reshuffle in the leadership of the Japanese company, Subaru rolled out on the Geneva platform an unexpected concept car B11S – a coupe that should let everyone know in what direction the designers from Fuji Heavy Industries will move. Original and carrying certain features of the Alfa Romeo outside, the car remains true to its roots “inside”, where the six-cylinder turbocharged “oppozitnik” with a capacity of more than 350 hp is located. and a permanent all-wheel drive system with electronic control, redistributing the moment from the standard 35/65 balance in favor of the rear axle to the necessary in a specific driving situation.


Whether the new Wolfsburg minivan Touran will be successful will be shown by the time and competitive situation on the market, but for the time being, Bernd Writersrider can only hope for the main advantages of the model – German quality, a seven-seater convertible salon, a range of six petrol and diesel engines ranging from 100 to 136 HP . and six-speed gearbox.


In order to create a “universal” concept VCC (Versatility Concept Car), the company had to combine the efforts of two studios, Swedish and Spanish. The resulting two-volume car flaunts at once several promising technological and design ideas – a V-shaped hood, extra-wide and more pronounced than usual “shoulders”, new headlights and rear lights, as well as hinged doors without a central pillar.

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