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The coolest car market in Russia

Few people know that it is the Grozny car market in our country that is perhaps the most unusual. Here are the rules of communication of sellers and buyers and their ideas about consumer protection. It is curious that here in the open air they trade not only second-hand, but also absolutely new copies – still in the factory film. As elsewhere, there are pros and cons. decided to study the car market of the Chechen Republic and find out all the nuances.
The car market in Grozny is located on the Petropavlovsk highway. It opens its gates strictly on Saturdays and in fact is considered the main one in the whole republic. Therefore, here you will meet sellers and buyers not only from Chechnya, but also from neighboring Dagestan and Ingushetia.

Despite all the stereotypes, it is believed among locals that it is in Grozny that one can find a car with the most honest history. They say that nobody will throw you here: the probability that the seller will lie about the car you are interested in is very small. They assure that every Chechen is responsible for the goods sold to them. And if suddenly he sells a broken or painted car, or there is such a situation that the car has a serious malfunction, the seller will be obliged to take such a device back. And there’s really no point in deceiving: the republic is small – there’s virtually no place for the seller to run from you.

True or legend? To find out, we went for a walk around the market and ask sellers and buyers. The local car dealer Ibrahim spoke first with us.

– Ibrahim, is it possible to return the car, if it turns out that it has flaws that the seller did not tell about?

– You must ask whether the seller is responsible for the words spoken and whether he is responsible for the car. Most often you will hear: “I answer 100% that the car is not stolen, not beaten and not painted – as far as I know.” The phrase “as far as I know” is said because the sellers came across completely new cars – right from the car dealership – and it turned out that they were painted in the salon itself and sold under the guise of unpainted ones.

After the purchase, they will give you exactly three days to check the car with various specialists (usually, “chiropractor” acts as such – in the North Caucasus people are called body repair workers). If the car is good, then you do not have the right to return it to the seller. If not, you must notify the seller of the presence of a painted or damaged part at the very moment it was discovered.

This, of course, does not mean that some official procedure is used in this situation. In any case, in terms of Russian legislation. However, in addition to the laws of the Russian Federation, there is something in the republic that can be called clan and national law. How it works: disagreements first try to be resolved at family councils and at people’s councils in the mosque (people gather for prayer every Friday, sometimes there is a topic raised if they cannot solve it mutually; but before this, the imam resolves the mosque). If the issue is not resolved in the mosque, they are already going to the muftiat, this is something like the Supreme Court. The law of the Russian Federation in Chechnya is working, but first the disagreements that arise are solved in this way.
– What if the buyer purchased a technically sound car without damage to the paintwork, put the car on record, did not reveal any traces of criminal activity in the MREO, the happy owner quietly drove to his home in Kemerovo, and there an acquaintance found that the car was “killed” or pledge?

– Here lies the beauty of buying a car in Grozny – the seller is obliged to take it from you and pay the full cost! Even if the car was taken away by the state! Even if several years have passed from the moment of purchase – the person from whom you bought it is responsible for the car! In the rest of Russia, the last buyer may be at the “broken trough”; we have a completely different situation in this regard. I, as a seller, are responsible for the sold car.

– Have you had such cases?

– Yes, unfortunately, they were, and not at all my fault. Back in 2007, I acquired a Volkswagen Touareg in Moscow from a stranger. At that time I was young, and I lacked experience. It seems to be checked everywhere, as they could and were able to – LCP was ideally, the car itself was actually like new. They brought him to Grozny, I successfully resold it, I earned good money on it. A happy new owner drove it somewhere to the North. But nine years later, this buyer began to sell the car, MREO found traces of the broken body numbers, and he called me with a complaint.

– Nine years later ?!

– Yes! Nine years later!

– And how did you solve this question?

– Very simple: he brought a car to Grozny, I gave him the money. These are our traditions.

In fact, the traffic police was obliged to delay the car with the broken numbers, but in this situation, the owner managed to avoid this. How – history is silent. One obvious version probably comes to mind.
– You gave the entire amount for which he bought the car nine years ago?

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