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XRAY Cross, Creta and Kaptur: Kuz’kina’s mother against foreign crossovers

Even a quick glance at the price lists is enough to understand: if Lada is indeed their competitor, then in Tolyatti they are clearly dumping. After all, the price for the most sophisticated XRAY Cross is lower than for the basic monoprivodnye versions of Crete and Kaptur!

The top version of the Lada XRAY Cross – Luxe / Prestige – is estimated at 913,900 rubles (the box for now is just a “mechanic”). At the same time, the prices for Renault Kaptur only start from a mark of 947,000 rubles (with a variator – from 994,990 rubles). “Minimal” Creta – 944,000 rubles (with an “automatic machine” – no less than 1,050,000 rubles)
We on the Drome repeatedly compared Kaptur and Creta to each other, both cars passed long tests in the editorial office, and we always considered them to be direct rivals. To those who think that it is Lada XRAY that falls out of this series, I hasten to remind you that X and the Kaptur have a common B0 platform, although the wheelbase of the Russian car is still 81 mm shorter.

So will XRAY be able to withstand the AvtoVAZ designated competitors in the front-wheel-drive crossover segment? Check?

Lada XRAY Cross does not look like a whipping boy in the company of famous bestsellers. Moreover, someone, on the contrary, will like his unusual forms, unpainted plastic body kit and high “forehead”

Yes, the XRAY is cheaper, but under the hood it has a larger engine – 1.8 liters instead of 1.6 liters for the other two. Due to this, Lada has a slight advantage in torque – 170 Nm against 151 for the Korean and 156 for the French. It is noticeable that AvtoVAZ specialists with the power plant worked: the failures in the work were gone, and the consumption dropped to acceptable 10.5–11.0 liters. However, the VAZ engine is still noisy mercilessly, and the power with the Creta engine is almost par – 122 and 123 hp. respectively. Renault has a little less power – 114 hp

Kaptur is an excellent, much more “youth” alternative to Duster. The car came out okay outside and will not lose its relevance for many more years.

The obvious disadvantages of Ixrei – the lack of versions with all-wheel drive and two-pedal versions. Soon there should appear a less powerful 1.6-liter engine and a 5-step “robot”. But according to the experience of testing VAZ cars with a similar transmission, we can say that it’s hardly possible to find something positive in its work, apart from the lack of the need to squeeze the clutch. In defense of the “mechanics” of the XRAY, it is possible to note a rather good selectivity of the mechanism, clear moves, a little effort on the lever and, of course, a clearer mutual understanding with the car than in the case of the variator or automatic transmission. Another important fact for someone – XRAY “brings” competitors for more than a second overclocking to “hundreds”.

The only thing that will help to highlight your Kreta from the flow of tens of thousands of her kind, is a bright uncommon color. Here and in our case, the coloring noticeably enlivens the already familiar and bored rustic design.

Kaptur’s variator is great for his low-power motor. At low loads, the CVT imitates the “automatic” quite tolerably, the control is most convenient, the variator instantly throws in the “coal” if necessary. But Renault accelerates anyway slower than its competitors. And very few people will like it, as with intensive acceleration the engine “freezes” almost in the red zone. But everyone will appreciate the movement on the highway at low revs and, as a result, noise reduction and fuel economy – Kaptur was the only one in the trio who consumed less than 10 liters per 100 km.

95th gasoline is recommended for Renault Kaptur, while Lada XRAY and Hyundai Creta are quite content with 92nd.
Creta’s “automatic” is not bad in itself, it shifts gears smoothly, but it does not shine with particular promptness. In a city where intensive accelerations are not required, there are no complaints about it at all – you roll and roll yourself calmly, almost not noticing the change of steps. If you need to quickly accelerate or overtake someone on the highway, then the lack of a 1.6-liter engine moment causes the transmission to shift into two or even three gears down, which it does very slowly, often stammering. As a result, increased fuel consumption (more than 11 liters per “hundred”). I remember that the union of this “automaton” with a 2.0-liter 150-horsepower engine was much more harmonious.

The only completely “rag” interior in our trio, and even without the screen of multimedia and navigation. However, this does not make the cabin less comfortable, the correct position behind the wheel is easily, and all the levers-buttons – in the usual places. But gray and cheap plastic trim casts boredom

The front seats have a minimum of adjustments, which does not prevent them from being the most comfortable. Landing in Creta is the lowest. The instrument panel is “classic”, readings are easy to read at any time of the day, without being distracted from the road. The “climate” unit is simple and clear, next to the “automaton” lever are the keys for heating the seats, the steering wheel and turning on the descent system from the hill. There are two 12-volt sockets and a USB input

Despite the fact that the Creta wheelbase is even 2 mm shorter than that of the XRAY, the back row is the most spacious, although without any additional amenities.

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